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Answer: First of all you need to claim from faucet!If you like to play games you can choose one of four games provided.
Answer: We pay via FaucetHub and FaucetSystem mostly as instant payment.Also there are no withdraw fees!
Answer: Minimum payment is 1000 Satoshis for now.
Answer: Yes!We pay 10% to our affiliates from all affiliated users withdraws.
Answer: No.We want to keep chat clean!Any user will get ban for posting illegal content or urls on the chat.
Answer: We believe that you have not saved valid Bitcoin address that is linked with FaucetHub.

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  • Vore MOD 4 days ago
    @yambub I'm doing ok myself
  • mhmd27 3 days ago
  • mhmd27 3 days ago
    whats up
  • Vore MOD 3 days ago
    Not much
  • Vore MOD 3 days ago
    I wish you guys well, good night.
  • Vore MOD 2 days ago
    Good morning!
  • yambub 2 days ago
    @Vore good morning!
  • Vore MOD 2 days ago
    @yambub You wake up at my 6 pm?
  • Bao Thuc 2 days ago
    Fuck =))
  • Vore MOD 1 day ago
    @Bao Thuc Why you cursing dude?
  • Vore MOD 1 day ago
    @yambub You doing ok?
  • yambub 15 hours ago
    @Vore yeah hppy to be getting more satoshi now the price is down
  • yambub 15 hours ago
    @Vore I was up about 8, it's nearly 9 now
  • Vore MOD 9 hours ago
    @yambub Yea I'm happy to be getting more btc to, just hope once I have alot that it's price will go back up
  • criptotux 2 hours ago
    pay soon? any news?

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